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Forest fires in Alt Empordà

Fire prevention.

Cable crane logging in Austria Austria

Ancoratge del suport finalProtecció de fusta per protegir l'arbra dels ancoratgesAscenció del cable guia amb l'ajut d'un cabestrant en trineu.Descans.

How the forests of Celrà should be managed?


Balma Forestal SLP at Girona

Balma Forestal SLP centers activity in Girona province. Office is located into the Technological and Scientific Park of Girona University. Building Jaume
Casademont, office 16.

Development of applications for forestry from LiDAR data

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology is substituting the methods based on photogrametry to get the DTM at high resolution.

From LiDAR data we are able to calculate each individual height tree, to locate the trunk of each tree, to calculate timber volumes, leave area index, etc.

Such dasometric parameters are of special importance in forest inventory and determine the vegetation structure. Nowadays field work is getting expensive and sometimes too slow.

The combination of airborne LiDAR with terrestrial LiDAR data, opens a new world of possibilities.

LiDAR technology will allow the automatization of silvicultural analysis and therefore the planning of silvicultural works at large scale minimazing at the same time the effort in forest inventory. Otherwise it is needed to calíbrate the models in experimental plots. Therefore we are calibrating the LiDAR data to automatically detect the selvicultural parameters on Pinus halepensis, species not much researched with this tehnology.

The partnership team (BALMA, DIELMO), is also in the way to develop appplications for the automatization of vegetation structures, which for example will allow at the same time the classification such as fuel models, biomass typologies, etc

Balma Forestal SLP